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Kilas Buku: Runt


Title: Runt
Author: Marion Dane Bauer
Genre: Adventure; Animal Fictiion; Children (Middle Grade)
Paperback, 144 pages
Published September 14th 2004 by Yearling
Award: Newberry Honnor Winner, Rebbecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award Nominee (2005)

"You should know better than to run from a storm, too. We wolves are careful. Always we are careful. But we are not afraid. Not of our own good world." (pp. 48)
After four pups had been born, the very last pup pushed his way into the world. He slipped out from his mother belly slowly. The last pup! Finally, King, a leader from this wolf pack, was aware that he has five offspring that he and his couple have to take care to. But this one is different. Although he is so looked like his father -with black fur and white star on his chest-, he is so small. He is the last and the smallest one. Nobody gave him a name, even her mother who usually gives name for every single child born from her uterus. Then King exploded a word, "Runt!", "This one's a runt." (pp. 5)

Runt grew up as the slowest, the weakest and of course still the smallest. Unlike him, his siblings were able to learn hunting skill fast. Then he just stayed and watched from den after he had been lost one day when he followed a hunt. Runt is both curious and inexperienced. He tried to search answers by himself. He wanted to make his father proud. Unfortunately he made mistake, a serious mistake that made him as an outcast. Nobody talked to him. Nobody cared wherever he went to. He hesitated until one moment inspired him to make a final decision for his life and his family, especially King.

Comment & Opinion:
 I love wolf and I love stories about wolves. I read some; some are fairy tales like Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood and some are fantasy novels like Twilight series and Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. At the first time, I judged wolf is a cruel animal (result of reading Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood). I was confused and wondering why wolf is always judged like that. I believed there is something good about it. Then I found Twilight and Torak stories. Slowly but sure I changed my mind that wolf is a great animal. Yes it is wild as animal. I think animals are wild, aren't they?

After reading this book, I became more aware about wolf. Bauer as the writer, gave her readers afterword after the story. She exposed her analysis about wolves' life a little bit. And based on it, she made a beautiful story 'Runt'. This story made me almost cry. I could feel Runt's feeling. If I were Runt, I might do and feel the same. Finally, I love Runt and his story. Congrats Bauer, you had written awesome story for us and of course especially for our children.

And hey kids, this book is very recommended for you! :)

Reviewed by Kilas Buku

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Novel yang luar biasa! Itu komentar yang bisa saya katakan langsung setelah membaca novel ini. Novel ini mengenai sekelompok serigala yang terfokus kepada cerita anak serigala bernama Runt. Runt merupakan serigala terakhir yang lahir dari rahim ibunya. Ia adalah serigala terkecil yang pernah hidup dalam kawanannya. Ia hidup dalam keingintahuan yang tak putus dan selalu mencari cara untuk membuat ayahnya, King, bangga. Namun sayang, usahanya itu malah menimbulkan masalah serius dan menjadikan dirinya sebagai buangan. Tidak ada lagi yang peduli kepadanya hingga suatu ketika ia berhasil memutuskan untuk memilih jalan hidup yang terbaik bagi dirinya dan keluarganya. Novel ini indah. Bukan soal keburukan serigala yang ada disini, tapi soal bagaimana serigala melangsungkan hidup. Lewat novel ini saya mampu membayangkan betapa kerasnya hidup serigala. Betapa sulitnya dan betapa butuh banyak pengorbanan hidup liar di kedalaman hutan, khususnya ketika buruan semakin susah didapat. Saya memberi 5 dari 5 bintang. Baik dibaca anak-anak! :)

Ulasan ini diikutsertakan pada FYE; Fun Year Event with Children's Lit: Fun Month 5 oleh Bzee dan Book in English RC oleh bunda Peni.
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