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Kaleidoscope 2013: Top Five Book Boyfriends

2013 Book Kaleidoscope host by Fanda
Hola Book Bloggers...
May God bless you all. May He shows His love to you all.

So this is the first time I join Book Kaleidoscope which host by Fanda. I am so excited because of one of the catagories. So, yes this is the category: Top Five Book Boyfriends!

Then you can take a look at the following boyfriends I like the most:

1. Leo Valdez

Leo takes part in some demigod stories (Heroes of Olympus series) as son of Hephaestus. He is described as Latino, not handsome, but so smart. He has a gift to repair any machine and almost anything. He is a 15 years old boy who is funny and lonely at the same time. In the story, Leo doesn't have anyone even a girlfriend. He lost his family especially his mother. He misses his God-Father so much, but never expects he comes. He also has one-way love. He loves a daughter of Hades silently. Can you imagine how painful it is. Though he is a cheerful person. He tries to hide his sadness and loneliness then show cheerfulness.

2. Sam the Onion Man from book Holes by Louis Sachar
Dule Hill plays as Sam The Onion Man
If you read Holes by Louis Sachar, you may know Sam the Onion Man. He is an African-American man. He is so nice and skilfull. He knows everything about onion. After all, he is also romantic man. His memorable jargon is "I can fix that." :)

3. Kalle Blomkvist
He is a detective boy and a friend of Anders and Eva-Lotta. He is both of funny and smart. I like him! :)

4. Lee Raven
Lee Raven and Janaki
Lee is illiterate boy. He can neither read nor write. Though he likes book. He likes Nebo, a book who can do storytelling. He will do anything to keep Nebo safe. So that I like a boy who loves book like I do. :)

5. Po
Po is a ghost. If I'm not mistaken, his real name is Peter. I like him because he is a nice boy. He wants to help Liesl to keep in touch with her father.

OK then.. I think that's all my top five boyfriends this year. :)
12 comments on "Kaleidoscope 2013: Top Five Book Boyfriends "
  1. ya ampun, Dil. Tokoh di atas nggak tau semua, kecuali Po yang bukunya ngantri dibaca, selera kita nggak sama ternyata =))

    1. untung aja selera kita ga sama ya sulis wkwkwkkwkw

  2. Eh, suka brondong ya? *digampar Dila*
    Kalo suka hantu sebutannya apa ya? *lalu kaburrrrr*

  3. hihihi, karakter anak2 memang lovable ya

  4. Top 5 book boyfriendsnya unik, Dhil

  5. waaaahhh ada Lee Raven, aku juga sukaaaa :D

  6. I loved Kalle Blomkvist books when younger (actually I still do). It's nice that you added him to the list.


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