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Kilas Buku: A Coyote in a House


Title: A Coyote's in the House
Author: Elmore Leonard
Illustrator: Lauren Child
Genres: Fable, Animals, Children Literature
Paperback, 154 pages
Published by Puffin Books, 2005 (first published in 2004)

Antwan is a coyote, wild as they come. He likes his meat raw, not out of can. He likes hanging with his gang, the Diablos. He does not want to be a pampered pooch. No way!

Budy is a doggy movy star with a taste for fame and luxury. Since he retired, Buddy has been bored with everything (except the delicious poodle Miss Betty).

Buddy wants to try life on the wild side. And he thinks Antwan could certain benefit from some house-training. Can the coolest coyote on the block really learn to be a pet?
I always love animal story. And this book offers me the thing that I love, coyote! I've told you that I also love wolf and kind of that like coyote. It's cute by the way, though it's so wild.

Reading Antwan's story makes me laugh most of the time. I bet you'll do the same when you read how the author describes the animals in this story. You'll meet Antwan who's so cool. He tells Ramona, his sister that to be a home doggy is stupid thing. According to him, dogs are not smart at all. They just do what the master say and that's so stupid. Conversely he is in the house to be a pet though!

Well, may Antwan changes his mind after he meets Buddy, the bored doggy. He just puts a pity on him then helps him to change his place in the house. Buddy will be included in a pack and he will be a sweet pet.

Two lovable pets will make you smile more wildly are Miss Betty and Lola. Miss Betty is a beautiful poodle. She is used to be in the shows and wins some trophies. Sometime she sounds so pride of herself, even-thought she doesn't. It's like the following quote:
'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful,' Miss Betty said. 'I can't help it.' (page 62)
Lola is a cute cat. She is as pride as Miss Betty is. But the one thing is she does help Buddy from the wolves hunters.

The story ending is quite surprise me. I don't expect it will be ... arrgh!
Well by the way, quote from Antwan may lead us to think to do good deeds towards animals around us;
Humans were crazy. Some would feed you, some would shoot you for no reason. Yell at coyotes, 'Go back where you came from.' But this was where they came from. They had lived in these hils fo forty thousand years or so. It was their turf. (page 1)
Well, good place for living is not only good for humans but also for animals. God had created this earth for all His creatures, include animals and plants. :)

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6 comments on "Kilas Buku: A Coyote in a House"
  1. Ya, manusia memang gila dan kadang ... aneh, lebih aneh daripada binatang itu jelas

  2. hehehe lucu nih kayanya...belum pernah baca buku yang tokohnya coyote :D

  3. Selalu senyum baca komentar para hewan tentang manusia (padahal yg bilang sebenarnya manusia juga) :)

  4. Aku suka sama cerita binatang yg ambil tokoh binatang yg lain dari biasanya.. kayak coyote ini :D

  5. Kayaknya seru. Semoga suatu hari bisa baca buku ini

  6. wah, aku baru tau ini, tampak menarik bukunya ;)



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