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The Wedding Books

Howdy, Folks..
Long time no write something on this blog. And now is the time for writing again! Yayy..

Folks, today is April 8th. It has been two months from Feb 8th. Meaning, our marriage (Arif and I) has been running for two months. To celebrate it, I want to publish some gifts that some BBI-friends had given to us. This may be a show-off. But this is a gratitude expression after all.

(*) Eleanor & Park from Mbak Indah (

(*) Cup Ware and some books from BBI Joglosemar

(*) Book Thief from Mbak Lina (

Well... thanks for those books you gave. Thanks for your pray for us. My husband and I very appreciate them. We found you, BBI and the folks, a couple years ago and now we seem close each other through books and book review. What a fun activity to get closed! Long Live BBI! Long Live My Family!

As a closing, I want to present a good song that sung by Endank Soekamti. It's entitled Long Live My Family. So, since you folks are my family, so you are worth it to get into this song. :)

4 comments on "The Wedding Books"
  1. happy 2 months anniversary :)) btw, psstt.. udah pada dibacain belum buku2nyaa? :D

    1. yang bajak laut dan warna langit udah mbak hehehe

  2. wah, happy 2 month anniversary :D

  3. happy two month anniversary :D


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