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Kilas Buku: XO (Kathryn Dance #3)


Title: XO
Serial: Kathryn Dance, #3
Author: Jeffery Deaver
Paperback, 400 pages
Published June 12th 2012 by Simon & Schuster (first published June 2012)

Kayleigh Towne is gorgeous with a voice that is taking her to the heights of the country pop charts. Her hit single “Your Shadow” puts her happily in the spotlight, until an innocent exchange with one of her fans leads Kayleigh into a dark and terrifying realm. The fan warns, “I’m coming for you,” and soon accidents happen and people close to Kayleigh die. Special Agent Kathryn Dance must use her considerable skills at investigation and body language analysis to stop the stalker—but before long she learns that, like many celebrities, Kayleigh has more than just one fan with a mission. 


Well, this story just like other stories Deaver had written. In 400 pages, you will find not only one amusing plot, but more than it. As crime novelist, Deaver likes to play with his readers, of course through the plots. He often makes some clues and escort his reader to an explicit conclusion like he wants to. But again, that's a false alarm that you hate as the reader.

As usual, in Kayleigh Towne's story, Deaver provides many motives, suspects, and ending so that the readers can choose what motives and who suspects they think match for the singer's story. As the reader, of course, I like it too. But also as his reader, I already learned to not believe the motives he provides explicitly. There must be another motif, another twist hidden among the lines in the story. And Dang! What I say, Deaver really twists the story. He brings us here and there and finally stop at here again.

Frankly, I'm tired with the twisted story he tries to make. He makes it too well and carefully. Sometimes I think he might not want the reader get the story easily. Yeah, I understand that part, but hey, Deaver, did you know that some of your readers were tired with this? I hope you can write one simple story someday. And sure, I will read it once it's thrown to the public.

3 stars for this book. Yeah, I admit I like this book no matter.
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