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Kilas Buku: China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asian #2)


Hey, it might be a little bit spoiler for you. But don't you have to worry, I won't spit the whole thing. I just sum the story up for my review here.

Previously in the CRA book, Rachel Chu and Nicholas Young had problems with Nick's family view about Rachel. It ended with Rachel's secret discovered to public. It's Eleanor Young, mother of Nick, who's behind the revelation. Shocking to what's happening, Rachel and Nick were back to USA and continues their lives there. They live in peace then, well, at least until their wedding day was coming two years later.

Something also happened to Astrid Leong Teo, the closest cousin of Nick. Astrid and his husband, Michael, had serious problem. Michael who came from the middle class family, felt overlooked and unappreciated in the Leongs. Whatever he did to support his wife and son, he never got even such good attention. On the other hand, he always only be an IT support technician in that tycoon family, not as 'the Goddess' husband. One day a big company bought Michael's start-up business overpricely. It resulted in a new Michael, not only as a new rich businessman, but also as a new father and husband. Soon he lost his old persona as the lovely husband.

Some new characters are put in the story now. You'll meet the Baos (Rachel's family in China), the Bings (the third richest family in China), Corinna Ko-Tung (a well-known social consultant), and of course we'll take a closer view on Kitty Pong (she is now Mrs.Bernard Tai), and Charlie Wu (Astrid's ex fiance).

Still, Astrid is my most favorite character. I love the way she takes care of her family. She tries hard to calm both Michael and the Leongs. And the most important is she doesn't like to brag about everything she knows and has. Next, Corinna Ko-Tung will be added on the list. She is good at fixing people and relationship. She is the right person you need to have when you want to be exist in a social group.

CRG is still engaging as the CRA. I spent only two days to read it. Yeah, sometimes I did skimming due to boring story of the rich. I couldn't stand with the estates, fancy couture and bags, and of course treasures exhibition they have. Partly it's because I'm not a rich and so envy with them. Partly it's because I even cannot imagine how rich these people. Do they really exist? Oh they do. I just don't know and (hopefully) don't care with what they have.

Well, I gave 3 stars for this book as the result. It's interesting book for those who are interested in Asian (especially Singaporean) social and culture story. It's really nice to know all about the rich you know hehe.


Title: China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asian #2)
Author: Kevin Kwan
Hardcover, 378 pages
Published June 16th 2015 by Knopf Doubleday

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