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Kilas Buku: Rich People Problems (Crazy Rich Asian #3)


Finally this story comes to the end at least to recently problems that the elite Young-Shang family have. Of course should there be a big storm before the calm situation comes. It began when Shang Su Yi felt so much sick so that she should stay on her bed. Reading this situation, her family were gathered around her, including Nicky. Unlike his cousin Eddie who only cared about heritage, Nicky wanted to see Su Yi since he never met her five years ago, and of course to ask last apology before her death.

My favorite character, Astrid, had unpleasant situation since her divorce. Her relationship with old lover, Charlie Wu also get so many obstacles. Her ex, Michael and Charlie's ex, Isabel became partner in crime to ruin the relationship. Get frustrated, she become a self isolating person and stay away from everyone especially Charlie Wu. Would our Romeo and Juliet can be happy forever ever after?

We also can see the problems Kitty Pong (now is Bing) and Collete Bing have, fight between Young family members on their fantasies to get the biggest portion of the family heritage, and also Su Yi's old secret love story. But actually the most thing I wonder is "Does Su Yi really own the Shang empire and its treasure? Since Su Yi is a woman that cannot afford the family treasure." How if Su Yi not that rich? Will her children still become snob people?

This is the final book of Crazy Rich Asian series. I, sometimes, feel sad to some the unfortunate characters and sometimes burst into laughter due to some character craziness. And Eddie is the best comedian in this story! Actually it's kind of "soap opera" book. There are too many dazzled things like the rich people and their money and fancy things that I don't have. I don't even imagine if there is a rich family like this, since I feel happy enough with what I have now.

As usual, I skip some boring stories, and jump to the most essential part. Well, I think some of you won't follow silly chit-chat among Windi Meggaharto Widjawa and her friends, will you? Hey, talking about Windi, the Chindo woman. Don't you think it's funny enough when the author pick "Mega-Harto" and "Widjawa" name for her? Does her name come from the second President and the fifth President of Indonesia? And "Widjawa", I rarely heard that name in Indonesia. Or should it become "Widjaja", the common name for the Chindo?

The lesson you can take from the story is your money is not a damn thing you can have forever. Meaning, you cannot proud of it. Money doesn't bring any happiness, your family does.

OK, 3 stars!

Book data

Title: Rich People Problems (Crazy Rich Asian #3)
Author: Kevin Kwan
Paperback, 384 pages
Published May 23rd 2017 by Doubleday Books
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